Season 3 – Episode 3 Nanomedicines – overcoming drug delivery challenges by intricate design

What are nanomedicines? And how are they different from traditional ones?

In this episode of Science on surfaces we talk to Dr. Gustav Emilsson about the fascinating area of nanomedicines Dr. Emilsson is working as a Postdoc with nanomedicine development at the department of Advanced drug delivery in Pharmaceutical Science at AstraZeneca, a global, science-led biopharmaceutical company.

We start out by talking about what nanomedicines are and how they work. Dr. Emilsson explains how intricate design of these minuscule drug carriers can help overcome challenges such as drug toxicity and solubility issues, and how nanomedicines can be used to control the drug release in the body. We also talk about a phenomenon that is very relevant in the context of nanomedicines - the formation of the so-called protein corona, which affects how the drug delivery vessel interacts with the body. And finally, Dr. Emilsson shares some thoughts on what the future looks like for this intriguing area.

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