Season 1 – Episode 7 Tissue engineering, 3D-bioprinting and NASA Vascular Tissue Challenge

What is tissue engineering, can all tissue be engineered and what’s in a bioink?

In this episode of Science on surfaces - a bigger perspective on the small we talk to Prof. Paul Gatenholm, Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Chalmers University of technology and Director of 3D Bioprinting Center, BBV at Biotech Center. In the studio, we also have Prof. Bengt Kasemo, Chalmers University of technology, who has long experience in the area of biomaterials.

We start with the basics and Paul tells us more about what tissue engineering is, how it works and what the engineered tissue can be used for. We also talk about where surfaces come into play, what challenges there are in terms of growing and using the tissue, and how vascularized organ tissue in the future could be sent into space to learn more about what negative effects deep space mission would have on humans.

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