Season 3 – Episode 1 The secrets on how to get published in high-impact scientific journals

Is it possible to learn a method that will help you get published in high-impact journals? And is there such a thing as a writer’s block? 

In this first episode of Season 3 of Science on surfaces we talk to Dr Anna Clemens, Scientific writing coach & editor, about the challenges of scientific writing. Dr. Clemens has a PhD in Chemistry and she is also a journalist. In her company “Scientists Who Write”, she helps scientists to improve their writing skills, to write more efficiently, and to get published in high-impact journals. 

In this episode, we really get to the bottom of the writing process and we get to reveal all the secrets of how to methodically, step-by-step, write a successful manuscript. Dr. Clemens starts by talking about the core of a good paper, which is also the key to success - the storytelling framework. She then guides us through the five step-process that will make sure all the bits and pieces are in place and that they all fit nicely together within the storytelling framework. Also, as we discussing the challenges of scientific writing, we of course had to bring up the phenomenon of the writer’s block – this unwelcome nuisance that most of us have experienced at one point or another in our lives, and which simply makes it impossible to get any words down on paper. Of course, Dr Clemens has reflected on this topic and shares her thoughts on how to address it.

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