Season 4 – Episode 4 QCM-D technology – a microbalance to scrutinize molecule surface interaction

What is Quartz Crystal microbalance with Dissipation monitoring? And what’s the deal with all the harmonics?

In this episode, we talk to Fredrik Pettersson and Erik Nilebäck, both Senior Application Scientists at Biolin Scientific, about the QCM-D technology. Erik has a MSc in Engineering Biology and Devices and Materials in Medicine and a Ph.D. in Bioscience, and Fredrik has a MSc Biophysical engineering.

Both Erik and Fredrik have extensive experience working with the QCM-D technology and in this episode, they share lots of useful information and insights that they have gathered over the years. The conversation starts with the basics, and we talk about what QCM-D technology is, what information it provides, and when it is typically used. We then move on to talk about different versions of QCM:s and their respective strengths and weaknesses. Finally, we go into how a QCM-D measurement is run in practice, and Erik and Fredrik share some useful tips and tricks on how to get the most out of this surface sensitive technology.

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