Season 3 – Episode 5 Mimicking the human tongue and exploring algae-based color agents in Food Science

Is it possible to map a specific taste experience without anyone tasting the actual product? And is it possible to prevent sensitive natural colorants from bleaching when used in acidic beverages? In this episode of Science on surfaces we talk to Dr. Younas Dadmohammadi, from the Abbaspourrad lab at Cornell University, about the discipline of food science.

The conversation starts with Dr. Dadmohammadi explaining how this multidisciplinary area originated, and then he takes us through two of his most recent research projects. He guides us through two different challenges related to key aspects of food intake - food appearance and food taste, and how these were addressed in his lab. In the conversation we get to learn more about how the shelf-life stability of sensitive natural colorants can be enhanced, and that those nutritious, but off-flavor, food ingredients that we would like to consume due to their health promoting properties, are not doomed to ruin the eating experience.

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