Season 4 – Episode 2 Technologies and methods used in a Biointerfaces lab

What analytical instrumentation should you have in your biointerfaces lab? And which equipment should you prioritize to invest in if the funding available for new instrument purchase is limited?

nI this episode, we talk to Dr. Jenny MalmströmSenior Lecturer in Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Auckland to learn more about lab instrumentation and analysis methods. 

With a background in bioengineering and nanoscience, Dr. Malmström has long experience characterizing and understanding the interaction between biomolecules and surfaces. Today, her research is all about interfaces. In this episode, she shares her knowledge and expertise on which analytical methods are used in this field. Using her own research as a starting point, Dr. Malmström exemplifies what characterization that is needed to answer key questions, and describes some of the technologies used by her team. She also shares advice on what equipment to focus on if you are starting up a new lab and have limited funding available for investment, and how to handle a situation where your lab is not equipped with all the instrumentation that you need for your research.

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