Season 1 – Episode 4 Surface Science in the Context of Climate Change and Sustainable energy solutions

Global warming is by definition a macroscopic phenomenon and its consequences will affect the entire planet. Even in a context of such a magnitude, surface science, and processes taking place at the nanoscale, have a role to play.

In this episode of Science on surfaces - a bigger perspective on the small we talk to Prof. Bengt Kasemo about climate change, the energy system, and how surface science helps us in the endeavor towards sustainable energy solutions. Prof. Kasemo, who has long experience in surface science and the energy systems of the future, shares some of his knowledge and ideas on the topic.

We start with the basics and talk about the greenhouse effect, the relation between the energy system and global warming and what possibilities there are to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. We also talk about sustainable energy and the fact that surface science plays an important part, both in the development of alternative solutions for energy production and for solutions that may help us reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

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