~ 5 min

Wettability of Li-ion batteries

The wettability of different parts of Li-ion batteries is a key issue in terms of manufacturing, performance, and safety of the batteries.

< 5 min

Wettability of fiber reinforced composites

For the mechanical performance of the composite, the adhesion between fiber and the matrix is of utmost importance.

< 3 min

Hydrophobic surfaces – How hydrophobic coatings are used and studied?

Hydrophobic coatings are used in many consumers products. Contact angle measurements can be used to study them.

~ 5 min

Analysis of surfaces with contact angle hysteresis

Contact angle hysteresis can tell you about the homogeneity of your surface coating.

> 3 min

What are anti-fogging surfaces?

Anti-fogging coatings can be studied with contact angle measurements.

> 3 min

Cohesive vs. adhesive failure in adhesive bonding

Depending on the strength of these forces, the adhesion failure can be either adhesive, cohesive, or substrate failure.

< 4 min

Contact angle measurements on small areas

Picoliter dispenser can be used to facilitate contact angle measurements on small areas.

~ 3 min

Hydrophilic surfaces - Applications for hydrophilic surfaces

Hydrophilic surface properties are needed in many different applications ranging from biomedical devices to marine engineering.

< 5 min

How to ensure conformal coating quality in printed circuit boards?

One of the main challenges in PCB manufacturing is the adhesion of the conformal coating. Contact angle measurements can be used to predict adhesion.

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