Why disposable tip dispensers are superior to disposable syringes
Susanna Laurén Mar 13, ’17 > 3 min

Why disposable tip dispensers are superior to disposable syringes

If you are working with inks, paints or other contaminating liquids and thinking of measuring contact angles, we have good news for you. By having a disposable tip dispenser, you can get away with messy sample handling and perform your measurements even faster.

A good dispenser has three main requirements. The disposable tip dispenser excels in all these requirements. Here's how:

It need to dispense a droplet precisely

The dispensing accuracy is important for repeatable measurements. In addition to accurate step motor, the disposable tip dispenser has an advanced feedback loop where the drop volume is ensured by calculating the droplet volume from live image. This will ensure superior dispensing accuracy compared to traditional dispensers relying only on motor movement calculations.

Cleaning of the dispenser needs to be easy

Traditional glass syringes are very troublesome and time-consuming to clean. Therefore, disposable plastic syringes are commonly used instead. In this case, the entire syringe needs to be detached from the dispenser and a new one fixed to the dispensing motor. With disposable tips the replacement is simple and economic, like using a laboratory pipette. The tips can be changed in a few seconds and only the tip need to be changed. The dispenser with its high-quality piston stays the same all the time without the need to change any parts of it. And of course, there are several tip types available to fulfill all your application needs.

Set-up the dispenser and change of liquid needs to be quick and easy

The disposable tip dispenser uses no cables for connection as it has a direct electrical connection with the instrument, and its installation takes around 3 seconds. The operators don’t need to fill the tip manually like syringes are commonly filled as the filling is done using the dispenser motor automatically. Also another common issue with syringes is the presence of air bubbles. The operator needs to be very careful to remove all air bubbles or the dispensing will not be successful. This is not an issue with the disposable tip dispenser as there is always an air space between the piston and the liquid to prevent contamination.


Disposable tip dispenser – fast, clean and trouble-free.

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