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Susanna Laurén Feb 5, ’19 > 1 min

How to check the transformer oil quality based on ASTM D971 and IEC 62961 standards?

Regular inspection of the transformer oil quality is important to ensure the operation of the transformer. Several methods are available, but the newly released IEC 62691 standard is based on the interfacial tension measurement between water and the transformer oil.

Automation ensures the ease of use

Although interfacial tension between water and oil can be measured with any tensiometer, Sigma 702 ET enable automated operation. This ensures that the measurement is easy to conduct and performed, in the same way, each time independent of the instrument operator.

Sigma 702 ET has instruction for both ASTM D971 and IEC 62961 embedded into its software which makes it simple to conduct the measurements. The software will guide you through each step of the measurement independent on which standard you decide to follow.

To learn more about the testing of the transformer oil quality and see how it can be done in practice, please watch the short video below.

Video  How to measure the quality of transformer oil?  Watch


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