How Nouryon ranks detergent performance when the traditional tools fail
Eva Ekerot Mar 26, ’19 < 3 min

How Nouryon ranks detergent performance when the traditional tools fail

Moving to more sustainable ingredients for cleaning products it is vital to measure the impact on product performance. When Nouryon (former AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals) launched a new biodegradable sulfate-free anionic surfactant with a good dermatological profile, they wanted to prove superior performance, both vs an old type sulfated surfactant and vs competitive benchmarks. The problem was, however, that the current test methods were not sensitive enough. To get around this obstacle, they turned to an analysis using QSense® cleaning profile.

Proving a superior removal rate compared to the competitor product

Using QSense technology and cleaning profile analysis, Nouryon performed a detailed characterization of the cleaning efficiency on the removal of greasy soil, which is used as a mimic of oil found on the skin. Three key performance parameters, soil removal rate, wetting time and total soil removal, were assessed for four surfactants: the new surfactant, two benchmarks and a competitor product.

Fig. 1 shows the cleaning rate results for the four evaluated surfactants. The Nouryon surfactant performed with no statistical difference compared to benchmark 1 but faster than both benchmark 2 and the competitor product, Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

Ranking detergent performance cleaning rateFigure 1. Cleaning rate results for the four surfactants analyzed with QSense cleaning profile, the Nouryon surfactant, Elfan AT 84 G, two benchmarks and a competitor product, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (1)

Concluding remarks

Based on the overall results from the cleaning profile analysis, Nouryon concluded that their surfactant showed a significantly better cleaning rate compared to the benchmark 2 product and that the performance was equal or better compared to the sulfated and competitor surfactants (benchmark 1).

Watch the webinar to hear Fredrik Andersson, Ph. D, scientist at Nouryon, present the results and how they used QSense cleaning profile to prove superior performance of their surfactant.

 Webinar  Determining cleansing efficacy of Elfan AT 84 using a QCM-D assay   Watch


  1. Nouryon, Elfan® AT 84 G Product sheet

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