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Characterization of model membrane platforms - What analytical methods to use

To answer this question, we asked Prof. Nam-Joon Cho which technologies he uses in his research. Prof. Cho has extensive experience working with lipid model systems, and over the years he has collected a set of technologies that he finds particularly useful in his lipid-related work.

The complexity of lipid model systems

Lipid-based systems, such as vesicles, monolayers and bilayers, are interesting as model membrane platforms and are used in various research areas such as material science, bio-nanotechnology and drug discovery.  To characterize these systems and understand their properties and behavior under various conditions, it is often necessary to use more than one analysis method. So which analysis methods should you use?

In­formation extracted from complementary analytical methods can offer unique insights into the system under study

In Prof. Cho’s instrument portfolio, you will find technologies based on imaging as well as various quantification techniques. Each of the analysis methods in his instrument portfolio provides key information about the system under study. Combined they enable him and his team to get a deeper understanding of properties and behavior of the lipid-based systems that they are studying.

Table 1, below, shows a brief excerpt of the portfolio overview that he compiled for us. The overview includes information about which technologies that he uses for his lipid-related work, what information each method offers, what are the pros and cons of the respective technology, and references to publications where the usage is exemplified.

Methods for charactreization of lipid-based systems

Table 1. A brief excerpt from Prof. Cho's instrument portfolio overview, showing part of the information listed for one of the method that he uses.

Download the portfolio overview below to learn more about which technologies that could be used for lipid-based research, what the methods are suitable for and how they in combination can offer unique insights into the system under study.

 Overview  Methods to characterize model membranes  Download



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